Saturday, 11 June 2011

Margate Art Lovely Lovelys is 120

Lovelys the art shop in Northdown Road, Cliftonville in Margate is celebrating its 120th anniversary, I went there today to get some bits and pieces and they have just opened a contemporary art gallery upstairs.

The picture of the advertisement above is from the book I publish “Margate and Westgate With Birchington 1903-04

The exhibition on there, starting today and on until 9th July is called “Fish and Ships” this is three dimensional pictures and sculptures made of papier-mâché (French lit; mashed paper). This is well worth a look at.

I once made a full sized rowing boat out of papier-mâché and can imagine it wouldn’t be easy stuff to sculpt well.

I was very taken by the brush and the three dimensional picture of Lovelys shop.

When it comes to buying artist’s materials Lovelys is the place to go in Thanet, they have some very good special offers and a comprehensive high quality stock.

As I mentioned in a previous post I have taken up painting and drawing again after a forty year gap and decided the painting had better be watercolour, at the moment I am at the pre amateur stage with this so am using mostly the quality of materials that children use. However there are some things you just have to buy from an art shop, one of these is gummed tape so you can stretch the paper, otherwise it goes all crinkly when you get it wet, another is a small flat pocket water bottle, unless you are going to make your own water, as it were.

When the need for these came up I had to visit a certain well known shopping centre with a chain art shop, they didn’t have either. The gummed tape in particular surprised me as you can’t really paint with watercolour without it and they had masses of watercolour paint and paper.

Anyway Lovelys had a selection of both.

Bit of a problem with the my new camera, I still haven’t got used to it so that it takes me much longer to get the settings right, taking pictures in a relatively small place like Lovelys, moving very slowly and pressing the wrong buttons tends to unnerve people.

I wanted to get the three dimensional pictures to look three dimensional, sorry to say this didn’t work too well, anyway here is what was on the camera card

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