Thursday, 29 December 2011

Rising to the challenge of drawing Ed Miliband

Ed Miliband is today’s subject for a series of stock cartoon figures that I am knocking together for my own amusement, this is the first attempt at the business of trying to work out with a pencil what it is that makes him recognisable as who he is.

You have to appreciate from the artistic point of view I am not trying to produce a portrait here, but a cartoon that represents what he looks like.

I will probably drivel on about this as attempts at trying to achieve this go wrong.

A second attempt at Ed Miliband, not an easy one this, however I have noticed that with this sort of caricature once you settle on an image there is a sense in which peoples perception of the subject subtly changes to include the caricature in the recognition of the subject. 

Ed Miliband. You’ll never have it so good.

As you see this sort of basic format allows one to produce a rough cartoon.


  1. Best stick to your constant moaning to TDC rather than drawing Michael!

  2. 11.43 so you don’t think some sort of caricature cartoon of the local paper editor and cabinet members dealing with the leaked emails and the cancelled fireworks would be a good idea then?

  3. Haha, that leaked email is hilarious!

  4. The second drawing looks like a younger Prince Edward

  5. See what you mean Tim, I had an initial go at Nick Clegg last night and decided that his mouth was fitted upside-down or something.

    I will eventually get a look that I am happy with for all the major politicians, however this business of extracting what makes people look like they do for the purposes of caricature is a tricky one, especially as the leaders of the three main parties are fairly featureless.


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