Saturday, 3 December 2011

A stamp on the toe for being so slow, the popularity of blog writers in Thanet

Sorry about this it was my day off on the first of this month and I was going to this my most boring post of the month yesterday, but what with all of the interest in the no confidence in jolly old, they don’t know they are born Bob, motion, I put it to one side.

So who is Thanet’s most popular blog writer, here are the stats an yes Tony Bignews Margate beats the flying doc into, oh my goodness what am I saying here………

I tried to draw a toe, but am not as bendy as I used to be so thought I would use my hand as a model, idiot that I am, I used the one I was using to do the drawing, and you guessed it, the old artists complaint, it kept moving.

For anyone interested. Mapping pen dipped into brown madder watercolour and then painted in with the same paint, think the blue is cerulean and the yellow chrome.

Perhaps a bit more when I have opened my bookshop.  


  1. ECR lives on near the top of your stats.

  2. Which goes to show just how meaningless they are.

  3. Not meaningless at all. This obviously just shows that people are still reading ECR's blog.

  4. Sorry 14.21 I should have explained these are referral statistics from other websites, ECRs site still has all the automatically updating links to the main Thanet blogs, so is quite a good starting point for browsing them all.

    These monthly statistical posts are really aimed at the other Thanet bloggers so that they can check to see that something they don’t know about hasn’t gone horribly wrong.

    There is no other reliable source I know of, the ones sites are supposed to do this on the internet often give much higher ratings to my blogs that get far fewer visitors than this one.


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