Tuesday, 13 December 2011

One view of the Thanet blogs

The whole Thanet blogging scene like the Thanet political scene is on the change so I have updated http://thanetblogs.blogspot.com/ adding Will Scobie’s blog and Ville Views blog to the site.

The idea of http://thanetblogs.blogspot.com/ is to be able to keep up with the comment as well as the posts on the main Thanet blogs, it’s very much an old fashioned, seat of the pants no frills computing site, lifting the info very quickly from the other sites.

I find it particularly useful when using an internet phone to keep up with the local dialogue.

Still on the computing front, do you reckon you could tell a phishing site from a real one, try the quiz at http://www.opendns.com/phishing-quiz/ I got two wrong, although this was because I was a bit over cautious.

Anyone recognise the picture above and what’s happened?

The answer shown in the picture above, if you look carefully at the first picture the one at the top of the post, you will see this lump had become detached at the bottom where someone has driven into it.

Amazing design a concrete lump too low to see at the end of disabled parking spaces, perhaps the disabled drivers bumping into them is some sort of Turnip Prize exhibit.


  1. Big thanks for adding me and thanks to Peter for the recommendation. Much appreciated.

  2. Hmm, I'm pretty stumped by the photo. I'm guessing the white lines are significant ? Maybe a bus stop seat or something similar ?? No idea where though ...

  3. Michael, you still haven't told us about the photo, I don't think anyone is going to guess it.

  4. Ken, the answer is in the post above, now.

    I really didn’t think it was a difficult one.

  5. Ahh, it's in Margate - that'll be why I didn't get it then !!


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