Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Post Christmas Trauma

 It is probably allright for you but I am now back at work in my bookshop, to be honest I did open half an hour late and wouldn’t call what I am doing exactly work.

I think it’s a case of no news is good news, not knowing what’s going on locally I had a look at the other blogs, Simon Moores seems to complaining about his rubbish collection, see I did put the press release up ages ago see the council’s website has the same date on the release but knowing them it may have appeared much later which is probably what Simon is talking about, this is particularly evident as the press release before the rubbish one on the councils website has later date.
 It certainly hasn’t appeared on the council’s Facebook wall yet.

Trying to follow, or at least make some sort of sense of the argument surrounding John Worrow which seems to be the liveliest debate on the Thanet blogs at the moment, probably more due to the absence of news than anything else, is a bit of a tricky one, see.

This seems to be an argument partly about humour and homosexuality, the first question begged here is. Is sex funny? As an amateur historian, I would say the answer to this one is yes. 
 The questions here get trickier, the next one being, is homosexuality funny? On the whole I believe the answer here is something along the lines of, at least as funny as heterosexuality.

I think the problem here may be to do when this sort of humour relates to a know individual in a public forum.

Other factors here that make the subject a bit difficult seem to be, not knowing who the individuals are and in one case not understanding the joke, or possibly insult. I mean I have sorted out the backs to the wall thing, but what on earth are Mogs in this context? Even the youf of today seem a bit nonplussed by this reference.

This does get even trickier as a google search seems to suggest that the only place the comments exist on the internet is on the blog of the person complaining about the comments. 
Back in the Christmas theme for a mo some sort of fight between various god bothering groups seems to have broken out the location of the birth of Jesus.  

Back in my god bothering days I studied St Paul’s letters to the Corinthians in Greek, they give an interesting insight into the early church, with St Paul arguing that for instance they didn’t have to uncircumcise one another to convert from Judaism to Christianity nor did they have to get drunk on the wine at communion services.

I suppose this sort of thing can happen if you get a group of men who are not allowed female or gay relationships, then they are likely to fight. Funny old thing religion.

I may ramble on although as we are doing Christmas dinner for somewhere between 20 and 30 today I may get distracted. 

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  1. Depends whether you laugh at or laugh with someone.

    Years ago there was a gay deckchair attendant in Ramsgate. In fact he was a wealthy man. Very artistic and before the war a window dresser at a London Department store.

    During the war he was a "Pathfinder" which I think was Guards Independent (Fore runner of G Squadron SAS). Hence his job was to drop first to clear drop zones. Garotte and commando knife stuff.

    As we know Arnhem was a glorious disaster. And the surviving paras had to get out across the river. The deckchair attendant commented on the speed the paras achieved this "Mind you the CO did put me behind them so I had to go last you see" he said. Laugh.

    And that hairdresser guy who used to do a bit on local radio. One day a mate of his phoned in "Oooh thank goodness you phoned reminds me I got to look out my old Queen records".

    Happy New Year.


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