Monday, 26 December 2011

St Stephen’s day, Boxing day.

St Stephen was stoned to death by an angry mob egged on by St Paul (who was running the cloakroom) after saying he had seen god, this was before St Paul had his vision on the road to Damascus, so technically not a saint at the time.

Also called Boxing day, this is the day to give gifts to your servants, it is also a traditional day to go fox hunting.

Having just eaten The Feast of Stephen, and settled various disputes relating to French Knitting, the old toys are often the most contentious, I though, having no servants or horse I would do a quick post.  

This is loosely based around having to answer questions about the meaning and significance of Boxing Day posed by my children hence the illustration.   


  1. Your art work is improving Michael. I spent yesterday in bed recovering from the excesses of Christmas so I missed the hunt, I can remember my father telling me he used to follow on foot and that it was the biggest hunt of the year with many hundreds turning out to watch. I never knew Paul egged in the stoning of Stephen on boxing day, you live and learn. HAVE A GOOD BREAK. Don

  2. Is this good news for Manston?

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