Tuesday 20 December 2011

The Zen of the local Conservative Groups and Labour groups online.

Since the Conservatives lost the confidence vote in their leader there has been an increased Conservative internet presence, with what I take as a genuine attempt to communicate with local people.

The latest one of these forays into hyperspace being today’s news announcement on The South Thanet Conservative Website.

“Friday, 16 December, 2011
Owing to the defection of Cllr John Worrow (Conservative - Birchington, North Thanet), the leadership of Thanet District Council has been taken by Cllr Hart (Labour).  Cllr Bob Bayford and the Conservative group have our total support.” 

Although the thing is dated last Friday it only appeared today, a bit like some of the TDC press releases do.

This is a bit of a strange one as I had sort of assumed that the Thanet District Council Conservative Group already had the support of The South Thanet Conservative Association, perhaps there is some strange code here that you need to be in local politics to follow. 

To me it seems to fall into the same bracket as the statement “The Titanic is unsinkable” as it immediately begs the question: Who said that The South Thanet Conservative Association didn’t support Cllr Bob Bayford et al.

Anyway I had a look at the North Thanet Conservative Association website http://ntca.org.uk/index.html this is very odd and seems to suggest that they think the internet may be something important, but haven’t used it yet.

After this I was prompted to look at the opposition, first The North Thanet Labour Group and then The South Thanet Labour Group.

If North Thanet Labour exist on the internet I couldn’t find it, perhaps it was blown away by Roger Gale.

I may ramble on a bit about this.   


  1. It was hard to find the presence of a North Thanet Labour MP during the election, so no surprises about the lack of an internet presence too.

  2. A North Thanet Labour website was in the pipeline until the boundary review began. The South Thanet and Labour Group websites also need to be looked at.

  3. "....perhaps it was blown away by Roger Gale." Michael!

  4. It's interesting to read Labour councillors are virtually promising to transform Thanet into a livable safe place where jobs are available for all and the sun will shine every day.
    Do they really think our memories are that bad, we have forgotten Labour caused all these problems in the first place!
    Labour encouraged and invited people from all over the world to come and share in our country's wealth, after we had fought and worked so hard to get, to be able to give our families what we could not have.
    All we wanted was a better future for our children.
    Instead we had no choice, no say in the matter, just had to watch the labour Government destroy the country we worked so hard to protect. We have nothing left for our children, no jobs, no homes, Why! because all the immigrants, asylum seekers and others have it all. Our country has been mutilated by the generosity of the Labour party, who seem to believe people should not have to work if they have large families, they just expect all the workers to support everyone.
    All the laws in this country are worthless and no punishments are befitting to the crimes, prisoners are better off in prison then out, people are better off on benefits than working.
    Thanks Labour Group this is what you have done for our country, your lagacy will take years to mend.

  5. Wow, someone's glass is half empty!


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