Sunday, 18 December 2011

Who is Smudger, the Isle of Thanet Gazette Columnist?

Is it Rebecca Smith the Editor of The Isle of Thanet Gazette? This seems to be a forgone conclusion on Thanet Life, see and is Smudger after Simon’s colon, wife or even child?

Do we have a News of the World situation here, see Tony Bignews who is missing his Sunday morning paper.      

More elusive posting on Worrows World, see probably best not a quick sketch for this one.

Meanwhile on Will Scobie’s blog Chris Wells and Peter Checksfield are trying to identify an anonymous commentator who says they are an ex Conservative Councillor, see probably best not a sketch for this one either. 

Of course Simon Moores, Chris Wells, Peter Checksfield, Will Scobie, John Worrow, Tony Flaig all have something in common with me, which is they engage in open internet forums under their real names. You may not agree with what they say, but at least you know who they are. 

Obviously vague imaginary sketches of anonymous newspaper columnists are fair game as are artists, the prime minister, with local councillors I have been very restrained so far with what you could call rather tasteful drawings.

A question though, with a new administration which I hope will be a little more lightharted, are councillors fair game for the odd cartoon sketch?

I may ramble on this Sunday morning as I try to follow the other Thanet blogs.


  1. Seems like Mr Worrow has confessed, but as for Smudger, I used to assume it was the curly haired chap who looked a bit like a young Tom Baker from Dr Who (forgot his name).

  2. Retired, why don't you come out of retirement & write all this Deal Barracks stuff on your own blog?

    Just a suggestion.

  3. The alias of 'Smudger' isn't even appropriate for a column of poorly written text in a local paper. When I was a magazine editor a 'smudger' was a slang term for a photographer. As far as I know, it still is!

  4. Peter I think that Retired has developed some sort of personal grudge against me having a peaceful day off, and while not wishing to risk litigation for libel himself, he seems to wait for Sunday when I am out with my children and trying to administer this blog with a mobile phone.

  5. Rick can come up with interesting points when he doesn't ramble or go off topic (sadly those occasions are few).

    On a different note, I'm not quite sure what point John Worrow is trying to make. If he's trying to "come out", I assumed he was gay anyway. Certainly no big deal.

  6. Peter, just to put your mind at rest. When Retired first made his allegations about the links to the Deal bombing they were thoroughly investigated by Kent Police and found to be without substance.
    Result, he simply added Mike Fuller, the then chief constable to his list of plotters.

    Next he wrote to the home secretary with his suspicions which, once again, on investigation were found to be groundless. He then added Jack Straw to his list of conspirators.

    Yes, he can sound very plausible up to a point, but he most definitely isn't. That is, of course, unless a whole host of councillors, Royal Marine Officers, the Chief Constable of Kent and the Home Secretary were all in the plot together. You might then ask, for what purpose,

    The guy is a nutter, live with it and move on.

  7. Smudger is a common nickname in the services for someone with surname Smith. Probably predates magazines

  8. Tim, Peter I think the point here is that the law is very uncertain about the situation with libel and comment, there is a sense that by allowing comment on my blog I am in some ways endorsing that comment.

    The problem is where I stand in terms of litigation for libel when one commentator says something defamatory about a named person, and the truth is I just don’t know.

    Whatever Rick is or isn’t, he is most definitely plausible and intelligent and his comments, in the case of the ones I deleted, appeared to contain allegations which I could neither prove or disprove and therefore do not wish to be seen as endorsing.

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  10. I just signed up to follow two of those blogs hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I wonder why? and I dont care who they are run by

  11. Michael, I think the really important point is that Rick cannot prove his allegations either and you are, therefore, quite right to delete them when he engages in naming people.


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