Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Before and after photos of Bellevue Road Ramsgate and Victorian Margate in stereo now with added Kingfisher

Update we managed to photograph a kingfisher at Ramsgate harbour on our after work walk this evening so I have added today's photos link if you want to see the rest of them. Not the best of photos I know hand held zoom photography on an autumn evening is a bit hit and miss. 

I know, could do better, next time I will take both my phone and my camera so I can look at the old one while taking the new one
This one doesn't enlarge so well
I don't think this corner shop is the same one, what do you think?

A much quieter day in Michael's Bookshop here in Ramsgate where I work.

link to the books we put out

 I have just bought this little booklet which I will do a reprint of during the next few weeks

An interesting thought on copyright, the photographer Siminson who died less than 70 years ago I have permission from his family to use his work and the author Kennett died in 1932 so his work is copyright expired.

do I do a new photographic cover
or use the original?

Back in the book world another study looking into the pros and cons of reading on screens or paper here is the link

Next some margate stereo photos which are best viewed using a stereo viewer and mobile phone these were particularly popular in the 1870s, so some of the pictures will date from then


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