Sunday, 1 September 2019

Old and new photos and a ramble

Apologies for the lack of my normal posts Friday and Sat. I'm busy at the moment, work and play, spent today out buying books, mostly Canterbury.

Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate has been busy

Links to the pictures of the books we put put out



I have done a bit of painting and taken some photos

Links to the photos 


mostly Yesterday's I think

I had to modify my sunglasses to deal with he light situation and was slightly concerned about being carted off by the fashion police.

 a bit more tothis Canterbury one today, spot the difference.

I was surprised at the relatively heavy police presence at the Extinction Rebellion protest in Ramsgate and some of the negative comment about the demonstration on local social media.

I grew up during a period where the greatest perceived threat to human life on the planet Earth was nuclear war, I started to become aware of the damage we were doing around 1970 and now we are already experiencing the adverse effects of damaging our environment.

In the short term and here in Thanet the major concern is Manston Airport becoming a major airfreight hub. If this happens the particulate air pollution it would produce will reduce the amount of time people in Thanet live for and will increase the early onset of dementia here. This isn't something that some anti airport group have said but it is stated clearly in the documents published by the company that intends to turn Manston Airport into an airfreight hub RSP.

Global warming is another one altogether, too large a global population burning too much fossil fuel.

I guess people will have looked at recent contradictory news items like the one that showed an electric car produced more global warming emissions than a similar spec diesel car.

My own take is that the only workable short term solution is to start looking at using genetically engineered vegetation and sunlight in the coastal areas around the desert parts of the world to produce some sort of methanol related fuel that can be used and transported using the existing infrastructure. 

I think that the days of the private car are now numbered along with a lot of other things that we take for granted.

I suppose the people who are over 60 should be relatively unaffected by global warming, the particulate air pollution though does seem to be a major factor in the early onset of dementia which is not so good for this age group.

But yes and particularly in view of the large amount of antisocial behaviour I still wonder what the fairly heavy police presence was for. In Harbour Parade the majority of the traffic drives in to find no parking spaces and then drives out.


  1. Everyones brain in bombarded with trillions of electronic signals which MUST effect the brain's function, and on another topic, the ever increasing numbers of younger people falling victim to cancer the the result of all the nuclear testing and nuclear power stations both in this country (which were "hushed up ) and abroard since the 195o' that has polluted the atmosphere.

  2. A lot of dementia I think is caused by the trillions of radio signals which surround us which the brain cannot filter out, all life systems transmit signals to every funtion so the brain or sensory system must be effected by the electronic world we live in ??


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