Thursday 26 September 2019

Sandwich, Minster, Ramsgate rambling on in 1904, me rambling on

Canterbury today
link to the photos
mostly buying books for me and for the bookshop.

A busy day at work yesterday at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate where I work.

link to the pictures of the books we put out for sale

Too busy to get much done so I spent much of the day configuring my equipment for out and about sketching, photography and blogging the basic idea is that I can do pretty much everything where I am.

This involves being able to connect the phone and the camera in a way that I can get the pictures onto the blog without having to go home and use a computer. This isn't as easy as it sounds by any means and today I was configuring a Wi-Fi enabled SD card which goes into the camera and will transfer pictures on to my phone quickly, the next thing with this is phone automatically uploads the pictures to Google photos, then they become available in the blog editor and I just have to select them and they appear in the blog post. This is how I did the photos of the 1904 rambling guide above.

I bought a cheap £8.99 powerbank from Argos  you charge it up with the phone charger and carry it around with you
with my mechanic's hat on for a mo, I strongly recommend buying a known make with this type of kit, you can get something like this very cheaply online or in the pound shop.
you can use it to charge your phone, sound cancelling headphones, bluetooth keyboard or any of the kit you carry in your pockets. At the moment it's charging the remains of my camera which has had a long and bumpy life in various pockets.

My main personal shopping was for watercolour paper, went to Cowling and Wilcox, out of stock, went to The Range, don't stock it. The business of trying to buy from Cowling and Wilcox's website for delivery to their Canterbury shop has just defeated my ITC skills.

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