Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Some local history and some politics

Writing a prominent local blog I find I am less and less inclined to write about political issues, but the political game being played out over BREXIT at the moment is so fascinating and with Nigel Farage having stood and failed to win a seat in South Thanet over BREXIT I feel obliged to record some of the goings on - for future historical reference.
Government here in Thanet during part of the 800s AD was predominantly Viking, legend has it that Viking leaders were chosen by measuring who could pee furthest up the mast of a longship which may have parallels with the current political situation.

This is a Broadstairs photo, I was recently removed from the "Broadstairs" Facebook group, something I put down to the Broadstairs Vikings.

Even Gale's View seems to be lookin in a new direction today, although he voted with the government

Speaking on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show, the Tory MP for North Thanet said: “I think it’s been handled appallingly.

“I think the fact you have at the heart of Number 10 the Prime Minister’s senior adviser, an unelected, foul-mouthed oaf throwing his weight around is completely unacceptable.

“I think if the Prime Minister doesn’t have Dominic Cummings frogmarched out of Downing Street himself the the chances are it won’t be the Tory rebels as they’re called, it won’t be Mr Corbyn, it will be Mr Cummings that brings down this administration.”

BBC’s Ms Derbyshire asked: “Do you really believe that?”

Sir Gale warned: “Yes, I think it is a very, very dangerous situation indeed, and it has to stop.”

The BBC host questioned: “Why do you describe him as a foul-mouthed oaf?”

Sir Gale replied: “The way that he has treated some of those who have courteously tried to make their case to the Prime Minister over the last few days.

“I believe, I’ve heard this from the horse’s mouth, to be utterly disgraceful.
 This is Ramsgate Council back in the day.

Up until about ten years ago I was all for leaving the EU, but after a series of conversations customers, politicians and the like, I slowly came to the conclusion that this wasn't such a good idea and voted to remain in the referendum.

But to be honest it isn't so much the in or the out of BREXIT that bugs me, it's the method. For the last 100 years we have had a thing called democracy.

The rough idea of this being we vote for a representative and then at great cost to us they surround themselves with advisors, either to make life better for the people who have elected them or to make life better for themselves, although probably mostly a bit of each.

Government by referendum would be a change of the method of government and I think changing to this method of government would at the very least mean a referendum asking people if the wanted to change from getting their elected representatives to decide issues to us all having a red, blue and possibly a purple button on our devices.

I think the biggest problem with the referendum is that it has produced a divided population.

Brings to mind more Thanet political history.
The bottom line though with democracy is that if politicians start on a course of action that could say start the Irish troubles again. wreck the economy, make you holiday go wrong, a group of highly trained advisors will say. "Don't do it!"  or "Do it this way instead!"

Is a second referendum a way out? Would it unite the country? Perhaps a legally binding one with questions like.

Do you want to leave with no deal?

Do you wand to leave with the deal negotiated by Theresa May?

Do you want to stay in?

With a very Right Wing Cabinet it's very difficult to know where we are going next. 

I will add to this post as the political situation develops

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