Sunday, 1 December 2019

Mystery photo and yesterday's answer with pictures from 1815 on

Name the road that has the house with the red cross on it.

yesterday we had this picture

Which was a crop from this photo of Ramsgate Harbour

 This picture of what Albion Hotel Harbour Parade in Ramsgate looks to have been painted around 1820 .Many thanks to Sally and Rob who bought it for sharing a decent sizes photo of it, click on it to expand it
  The domed roof far right or the picture above and far left of the picture below is The Harbour Commissioners Rooms, also marked on the map
 These two pictures are from Picturesque Views of Ramsgate by Henry Moses which was published 1817 so probably drawn in 1816.

 I have marked up some of this detail from the 1822 map of Ramsgate to help unscramble what you are seeing. You can come into Michael's Bookshop here in Ramsgate, browse Henry Moses's book of sketches and have a good look at the whole map. You can of course buy either or both' but you don't really need to.
In this picture The Albion Hotel had become The Royal Albion Hotel

 Note cross on this postcard then read what it says on the back. It's an interesting bit of Thanet's WW1 history from 1915.
We can of course say more about the Zepps

This is from another book we publish Cockburn's Diary so you can come to the bookshop and give it a browse too.

Tuesday September 14th 1915

Yesterday afternoon (about 5.30 p.m.) a German Taube aeroplane appeared over Margate and dropped several explosive bombs in the Cliftonville area. Four people were injured, one woman I fear seriously. Three houses were damaged badly, and two horses were killed. One horse was blown to pieces the other died evidently from shock or as the result of the concussion of air; the bomb fell near the cab, the passengers suffered from shock, the driver was not hurt but the horse got up and pranced round for a bit and then fell dead.

on to the Basket on the little crane, this was used to try and rescue the crew when sailing vessels smashed into the west pier and sank, the smoke is from the winch steam engine that allows fishing smacks to run with a crew of two or three

The class thing.

I was a curious child and often looked after by ladies of various social classes some of which were minor aristocracy all the way through to working class.

I was told the sign of a gentleman and of course a lady, was they were never rude by accident; always deliberately.

The working class say, a 'otel
lower middle class/middle class class say a hotel or an hotel

upper middle class and the aristocracy say an 'otel

The working classes had the worst of this one as a 'otel is the most difficult to say, of course everyone wrote it nearly the same way; an or a hotel.

back then there were no upper or lower classes and everyone new their station in life, if you are too young to remember the 50s and 60s you probably wouldn't want to live then. when someone over 65 says bring back 1965 it is as well to remember male life expectancy was 65 in 1965.

I worked in several of the seafront bars in the 60s and 70s, a stripper every half an hour (not sexist this as there were sort of wannabee Chipperfields with lady spectators who often didn't behave very well) was common as was going out onto the beach to fight after a few pints.

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