Sunday, 8 February 2009

Manston Night Flights consultation documents and 106 agreement

I though it would be helpful to publish the relevant documents so that everyone discussing this would have access to them, I haven’t published the maps as they are crown copyright and I don’t want to give anyone a reason to ask me to remove them.

Anyone wanting the maps can email me and I will send them.

Click on the link for the documents

The picture is of the Red Arrows at Manston from the book I publish, Twilight of Pistons.
Sunday ramble

I will add bits to my normal Sunday ramble during the day, the 106was particularly time consuming to publish on the web as it all had to be extracted from the irritating pdf that TDC IT are so keen on.

If we had anything like the open government we ought to have these important documents would be on the TDC website and I wouldn’t have to mess around this way.

These links go to other related Manston documents, where I have doubts about the way the document was sourced or they are personal emails to me that I am not sure were intended for publication, I have removed the name of the sender and recipient.

The only one that’s relevance may not be obvious to everyone is the last one, in which the EA say. “There is thought to be some control over the quality of water used for irrigation and crop washing, although this is not regulated by the Environment Agency.”

I noticed that Peter Newman shoe shop has closed in Ramsgate too, which is particularly irritating as it forces people to go to Westwood X for school shoes. On a more encouraging note new shops in Ramsgate seem to be opening at about the rate the old ones are closing.


  1. Michael, thanks for the links. Am I right in assuming that Bulk Fuel Installation 1 that seemed to worry the EA in 2006 is the same as BFI 1 discussed in 2008 by PRC in regard to China Gateway?

    Would I also be correct in assuming that despite the EA's strong words on the subject in 2006, BFI 1 is still sitting there with no action taken in 2 and 1/2 years?

  2. Bertie yes one and the same, these underground fuel storage facilities should never have been allowed on the source protection zone, and certainly wouldn’t be for a commercial airport.

    Last time I looked nothing had happened, it has obviously leaked but there is no way of telling how much or how difficult the remediation will be.

    The problem I keep coming back to is that Manston wasn’t designed to be a commercial airport, nor does it seem to have been designed with long term use in mind.

  3. Michael

    Excellent work. there are some more documents the Airoport working party have which are marginally relevant on other airports visited but I think the information is marginal and probably available elsewhere in the public domain. I see little benefit at this stage to you publishing 106 agreements for Prestwick, Bristol etc
    I'll be posting a piece on my blog tomorrow on how I am likely to vote.


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