Thursday, 12 February 2009

Manston Night Flights decision day

Our councillors meet today to decide if the time aeroplanes land and takeoff from Manston can be extend, both morning and night time extensions are being requested.

The decision on this has been requested at such short notice that there hasn’t been time for me to satisfactory complete my correspondence with the various organisations involved, most notably the civil aviation authority and the environment agency.

My main concerns are about the environmental and safety issues and the lack of public consultation.

There is an agreement between the airport operator and the council called a 106 agreement to enforce some of these issues, but the airport operator hasn’t complied with the agreement and the council hasn’t enforced it.

The noise issue particularly in Ramsgate hasn’t been addressed properly, back in July 2007 The Airport Consultative Committee put in a request to the airport operator for mediation over noise complaints and the 106 agreement, with the National Mediation Service. The airport operator still hasn’t replied to this.

Because the airport was built as a military airport it doesn’t have the normal infrastructure to protect the environment, nor did it ever have to obtain planning permission.

A further thought is who is going to pay for the enormous expense of making the airport compliant with the 106 because if it is us the taxpayer it puts another interesting slant on the issue.

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  1. I thought the flying curfew had been abolished!.
    I was woken up at 0530hrs this very morning when voting will decide to extend flying hours,by a large noisy very low aircraft that shook my house,so much for any agreements Infratill do as they like and our councill let them,just like the pilot training that has gone on all this morning crosing my home every eight mins,this has been happening for months and yet our councillors do nothing and never will.

  2. Stargazer I also noticed the flights and concluded that even if 5.30 landing was an emergency something I am quite happy to accept, flying training flights over Ramsgate this morning with the council decision tonight suggests an attitude at the airport that is just plain stupid.

    With so little wind today I wouldn’t have thought it would be necessary to either land or takeoff from this end of the runway, so the flight were probably contrary to the 106 agreement.

  3. Terrible isn't it, aircraft flying in and out of an airfield! Why not move to the countryside - but then you may encounter cows making a noise, and mud on the roads.

  4. The old story of the Elephant in the room. When buying a house people obviously say, 'Oh lets move to Thanet, then we can spen our retirement whinging about the airport having 'planes landing, instead of getting the life we so obviously lost.

  5. Manston has been an airfield since 1916 with well documented heavy usage. I doubt anyone has purchased a house locally without noticing there is an airfield nearby. It's also not unreasonable to assume that aircraft will use it.


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