Monday, 9 February 2009

Pleasurama new plans and the Environment Agency’s position

This is what the Environment Agency had to say just over a week ago.

“The Pleasurama development gained planning consent prior to the publication of the latest government guidance on development and flood risk, PPS25. When we were consulted in 2003 our floodplain maps did not show the site to be at risk and the design, at that stage, had clear evacuation routes to the top of the cliff. But, having received revised plans for the development last year, we highlighted our concern over flood risk and recommended that a site-specific flood risk assessment be undertaken. This would inform appropriate mitigation measures such as recommended floor levels, flood resilient design and an evacuation plan to ensure that the development is made as safe as possible.”

First many thanks to Roger Gale, Laura Sandys and the Environment agency officers for spending their time on this and some of the other issues that I have raised.

First it would appear that a flood risk assessment still hasn’t been done, and reading the above it would seem unlikely that the development will go ahead without recommended floor levels.

Secondly it would seem that the latest set of plans that TDC received last December and have just appeared on their website could never be safely built.

They now show a two-way road going behind the building making the roundabout they have just built on the car park a bit of a waste of time.

It has 1 meter bump at the back to mitigate the effect of the sea sweeping round the back of it.

Worst of all though no emergency escapes to the cliff top for the people to get out during the first big storm that hits it.

This isn’t a Titanic with out enough lifeboats it’s one without any.

Planning ref F/TH/03/1200 planning website

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