Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Pull It Surprise For Literature

I am offering any of my blog readers that care to take me up on it a £1 book voucher to spend in my bookshop, the voucher will expire at the end of this week (reminder that the shop is closed on Thursdays here) and can only be spent by visiting the shop all you need to do is email me michaelchild@aol.com I promise not add you to my spam list, although if you are a local politician you will already be on it.

It may not sound much but in terms of, never mind the quality feel the width this could be 20 paperbacks or 10 hardbacks from my austerity section.

The picture comes from my copy of the Kentish Tourist 1822, which is in the early stages of becoming available as a cheap reprint. Is says on the title page that this is an edition with very superior plates, but then most editions do, the vignette on the half title says that it’s volume 1, not the title page though, my understanding is that volume 2 was never published, somewhat frustrating for the collector that doesn’t know this.

Volume 1 is fairly scarce as it contains 48 engravings and a map of the county, one would expect to pay at least £20 for an individual engraving and £30 for the map, the poor old thing became a bit of a sitting duck for the picture framing industry, during the last 150 years or so.

I paid £45 for the engraving I put in the post I did yesterday to give you some idea.


  1. You know there will have to be a day trip to see you now.

  2. Can I get my wheelchair in Michael ? From memory I would have to come in from the back its been 30 years since I was in the shop and it sold paint then

  3. Don the doors are wide enough military maritime aviation cookery craft antiques accessible on the flat children’s gardening road transport railways down a small slope. I have wheelchair ramps to access the rest, strong enough for an ordinary wheelchair but to access the rest apart from science fiction horror and phantasy and austerity section, which is up steps and in the passage that leads to the back door and can be accessed through it.

    More expensive stock books priced between about £30 and about £1,000 each these are visible and I hand them to customers one at a time.

    I spent a considerable time in a wheelchair myself, so understand some of the problems.

  4. Don just had a look at the back door and I don’t know if you could get through it to access my back passage, Bill Johnstone used to be able to do it but he had no legs and hence no footrests on his wheelchair.


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