Monday, 9 February 2009

Roads Supremo in Thanet with Laura

Laura Sandys press release

Meeting Report: Cllr Keith Ferrin, KCC Cabinet Member for Highways and Laura Sandys

Cllr Keith Ferrin, KCC Cabinet member responsible for Roads at Kent County Council was in Thanet looking at some of the issues raised by residents at the request of Laura Sandys, South Thanet’s Conservative candidate.

“I invited Keith to come and see for himself some of the issues that we are keen to resolve to enhance our environment, ensure greater safety for our senior citizens and also improve drainage in our shopping streets,” said Laura.

QUEEN STREET RAMSGATE – a pedestrian crossing

“Keith Ferrin and I with our Ramsgate county candidates, John Kirby and Mike Taylor went to look at the traffic coming down Queen Street and we are calling for KCC to put a pedestrian crossing to help the residents cross the road safely and to promote greater footfall for our small businesses. The need for the crossing was made very strongly when we visited the residents of the Vyeson Court apartment building right opposite Waitrose. They were emphatic about the dangers of crossing the r! oad and we are asking KCC to look at finalising a feasibility study into the potential of a crossing.”

NELSON CRESCENT RAMSGATE – Enhanced lighting and improved pavements

“I introduced him to the residents of Nelson Crescent in Ramsgate who are keen to enhance the area with more “historic” street lighting to both improve the look of the area but also to combat anti-social behaviour that is attracted to the darker spots of Nelson Crescent,” said Laura. “While it is important for the residents themselves, Nelson Crescent is part of our historical front that showcases Ramsgate as being one of the most beautiful sea fronts in the country. We will be pushing for a plan to come forward on this as soon as is possible.”


“From road safety to drains, we went to Northdown Road to talk to some of the traders who have been suffering from blocked drains. These have been causing a lot of problems for the traders and Keith and I examined the size of the drains and the flow required. I hope that KCC will be able to alleviate these blockages through some remedial work. I will be also discussing with Southern Water some of the issues that fall within their area of responsibility.”


  1. Oi! Laura forget Queen St, Nelson Cresent and Northdown Road, when are those West Kent Tories going to spend some money in East Kent and give us proper access to the Nations Roads system.

    How about a dual carriage way into Margate and Ramsgate.

    Problem is KCC have spent lavishly for their own convenience around Maidstone and West Kent

  2. We urgently need a crossing on Wellington Crescent or somewhere on Victoria Parade. Since the disastrous pedestrianisation of central Ramsgate this road has become the main route through town and is very dangerous for the elderly, mothers with children, people crossing over to the Granvile etc


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