Thursday, 26 February 2009

Roger Gale MP to help “Save our Supplements”

Roger Gale press release

Roger Gale MP has received many letters from worried consumers pleading with him to help prevent thousands of vitamin and mineral supplements from being wiped from the shelves of health food shops.

The threat comes in the form of the EU Food Supplements Directive, which will deny millions of consumers across England and Wales their right to buy safe and effective higher dose food supplements. With maximum dose levels due to emerge from the EU in the next few weeks, it is already clear that these pernicious regulations risk damaging consumer health and putting many small businesses in jeopardy.

Roger has now called upon Prime Minister Brown to personally intervene and take up the matter with the President of the European Commission to block the likely decimation of the specialist supplements market.

Local retailers have stressed the importance of all MPs backing the Save-Our-Supplements campaign to keep the products available and allow consumers the freedom to use products of their choice. Juliet Brazil of ‘Herbs, Gardens & Health’ said “Our Government should be fighting our corner, not blindly following the EU. Why should we lose our valuable supplements just to tick another harmonization box?”

Sue Croft, Director of the campaigning group Consumers for Health Choice said “we are enormously grateful to Roger Gale for taking this matter directly to the Prime Minister. Gordon Brown really needs to understand how important this issue is and take action now. The clock is ticking. The European elections are looming, with a General Election possibly just around the corner. If they want to secure our votes, perhaps it is in the interests of all MPs and MEPs to listen to the voices of those 21 million supplement users”.

Contact: Roger Gale
Sue Croft – Consumers for Health Choice – 01769 581612
Juliet Brazil – 01843 600201

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