Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Thanet district Council press release

A new campaign called “you said, we did” has been launched to highlight how local people’s views are being used to shape council services.

The first results being focused on as part of “you said, we did” are from the recent Gateway customer satisfaction surveys. These are carried out every quarter to see how people feel about the service they receive in Thanet’s Gateway Plus, to see which services they’re using and how much they know about the services on offer.

Some of the improvements made in response to the comments that have been received include additional poster boards to promote the different services available in the Gateway, after people said they wanted to know more about other services available there. They also said they wanted quicker service and, in response, reception staff have been trained to serve all customers, whether they are there for library or council services.

Cllr. Martin Wise, Cabinet Member for Finance, Improvement and Customer Services, said: “We’re very much a listening council and this new campaign demonstrates that. A great deal of what we do as a council is shaped by the views and the priorities of our residents through the many consultations that we carry out. It’s really important to us that our residents know that and can see exactly how their views have been used by their council.”

As part of the “you said, we did” campaign, the results from the council’s consultation campaigns will be widely promoted through displays in public places, reports in Thanet Matters and with updates on the council’s website at


  1. Sceptical Ramsgate residentFebruary 18, 2009 5:09 pm

    "As part of the “you said, we did” campaign, the results from the council’s consultation campaigns will be widely promoted through displays in public places!"

    I haven't laughed so much for years. I would love to see TDC's official definition of a consultation, wouldn't you?

  2. You said "Give us a nice new library"
    We did...totally trash it and replace it with a place too nasty to stay in.

  3. Yes anan 18-30 spot on.

  4. The poster boards are only used to promote themselves. No local organisations can use them like they could in the old library. So thanks for that TDC.
    The service is slower than in the old TDC building because now you have to queue twice. Once for a ticket and again to see someone.
    As for libary services, I would much rather deal with the library staff who actually seem to know what they are doing.


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