Wednesday, 1 April 2009

China Gateway’s shares trade at 3p

50,000 shares in Commercial Group Properties the firm behind China Gateway have just traded at 3p each that is for£1,500 if whoever bought them did so at the end of last year they would have cost them £100,000

Click the link to go to the London stock Exchange site in case you think this is some sort of April fools joke


  1. also going low are Infrastil. Another 52 week low of NZ$ 1.42 today

  2. Here's an idea that may be crazy but might just work...

    Why don't those who want to stop China Gateway from happening, raise some cash (a few quid should do it) and buy 51% of CGP.

    Live by the stock market, die by the stock market.

  3. Stop Manston Expansion Group, Infratil shares have fallen about the same as shares in general over the last year, I don’t think there is any sign that they are failing as a company, however I do believe the resolution of the environmental problems at Manston may prove uneconomic or even impossible to resolve.

    Wouldn’t work 14.17

    The current issued share capital of the Company is : 21,000,200 ordinary shares of 1p each.

    The number of shares not in public hands is 17,594,144 ordinary shares or 83.76% of the issued share capital made up of the following:-

    Blenheim Limited - 6,061,038 ( Christopher Seymour-Prosser)
    Heritage Building Limited - 1,550,723 (Christopher Seymour-Prosser)
    Omega Properties Limited - 6,061,039 (Ken Wills)

  4. The CGP shares have now been traded at 8p so a nice profit for someone.

  5. 16.47 assuming the person that bought them today sold them today, they still have to get about £900 back to show a profit and if you look at the graph on the stock exchange site there isn’t a very good track record in terms of upward movement.


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