Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Stephen Ladyman MP Welcomes a Budget for Building Britain’s Future

Stephen Ladyman Press Release

Stephen Ladyman has welcomed today’s budget. Speaking from Westminster after the chancellor delivered his statement, the MP for South Thanet said:

“When the global economic downturn struck Britain had record levels of employment, low interest rates and lower national debt than almost every other developed nation. That meant we were better prepared to face the storm than other countries and, because the British Government chose to step in and help businesses, the UK banking system and UK families, it is now also clear we will recover from the downturn quickly and the economy will be growing by the end of the year.”

“However, if you have lost your job, or if you are now struggling on a lower income, the fact that the economy will recover soon will be little comfort. That is why I welcome this budget because it provides real help for real families in my constituency right now.”

“I’m especially delighted that from January we are going to offer a guarantee for everyone under 25 who is out of work for a year that they will either have a work placement or be put on a training programme. Extra support for the unemployed and new money for those threatened with losing their homes after a drop in income will help thousands of people and sends a clear message – this Government will not abandon you when things get tough in the way the Conservative Government did in the 80s and 90s.”

“Last but not least, this budget not only sets out clearly how the money used to get us through this world crisis will be paid back, fairly and with the wealthy paying their proper share it also supports the fight against climate change. It is very much a budget for building Britains future. ”

Note for editors:

The Budget announced:

support for employment

including for Jobcentre Plus and the Flexible New Deal, and the offer a guaranteed job, training or work placement for all 18-24 year olds who reach 12 months unemployed;

support for individuals

including through an increase in the annual investment limit for Individual Savings
Accounts (ISAs) to £10,200, up to £5,100 of which can be saved in cash;

an additional payment alongside the Winter Fuel Payment worth £100 for households with someone aged over 80 and £50 for households with someone aged over 60 – which will support 20,300 people in South Thanet and 24,300 people in North Thanet.

Pension Credit: increasing the capital disregard on the level of savings that are not taken into account when calculating entitlement, from November 2009, from £6,000 to £10,000.

support for homeowners and homebuyers

including with a £600 million funding package of measures to build more homes, and an extension of the stamp duty holiday for all houses costing up to £175,000 until the end of the year;

support for the environment

including setting the world’s first carbon budgets and measures to encourage energy efficiency and low-carbon growth.

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