Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Thanet district council more internet problems

I am coming to the conclusion that the council IT department needs a serious overhaul, the problems for an ordinary member of the public using their services are quite extraordinary.

I am engaged in a complex dialogue about the Pleasurama development with them at the moment, it would seem that the issue is coming to something of a head and all the indicators I am getting suggest that either new plans will have to be submitted or that the developer will pull out altogether.

My concern whatever happens is to get the site tidied up for this summer this is most important as it looks like this will be a boom year for English seaside towns.

The council officer in charge of the development is in regular email contact with me the last email I received from him was on the 2nd of this month i.e. 4 working days ago from his address

Some time ago his email address was HES@ I never did discover what this stood for, this then changed to HDS@ The Head of Development Services, then it metamorphosised into, DRS@ Director of Regeneration Services.

When I emailed him today I got the following error message from the TDC mail server 550 5.1.1 ... User unknown this is now the third of his email addresses to go this way, nothing telling you his new address.

Now this sort of Parkinson’s Law gone mad would be much more amusing, were it not both irritating and costing us all a lot of money.

We do seem to be spending a considerable amount of money paying the councils IT department to do the equivalent of putting pianos up trees.

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  1. Try DRED@! (Director of Regeneration & Economic Development).


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