Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Kent International Airport apply to Thanet District Council for night flights.

I have just received the following from Clive Heart:

I am informed Infratil made an application to TDC for a NIGHT FLYING POLICY for Manston Airport on 17th August.

For the TDC Overview & Scrutiny Committee Airport Working Party Chairman comment please contact Cllr. Mike Harrison on 01843 590119 or email

Cllr. Clive Hart - Leader of the Oppostion TDC.


  1. Thats great news! maybe now all the anti-airport people will move back where they came from!

  2. A small tunnel in the depths of Ramsgate perhaps?

  3. Hilarious.

    Like a failing pub adding a few umbrellas to the beer garden.

    As for the £10,000 - why not donate it to a Ramsgate Lung / Asthma charity?

  4. I'm sure that cars, coaches & lorries cause more damage to our lungs than a few planes, but I don't see many people trying to discourage those in Thanet (plenty of whining about lack of parking spaces or parking charges though!).

  5. If ToyTown Airport get's it's way, the roads will be clogged with freight lorries as well.

    Your logic is great.

  6. GOOG NEWS!!!!!!!!!

  7. Worst possible news for Ramsgate. If it's going to create all these jobs they promise (it hasn't so far), why not realign the runway and make the planes fly over Margate? After all, it couldn't get any deader on its arse could it?

    And think again before you dream of that Benidorm holiday - it'll just be crates of rotten fruit flying in and out.

    It's dole-by-the-sea all over again but this time with wings.

  8. Note to all- the people who agree with the airport- night flights, expansion, pollution, noise etc...mainly live in Margate, Broad-bean-stairs or Sandwich even St. Nicholas...who don't have any of the flying rust buckets flying over all the time!...the airport is not sustainable enough for a passenger airport...the people will not stay in Thanet as (1)there is nothing to do and two most of the people rnd here don't work...since when do piolets live it would create jobs as much as a housing scheme would...for the majority of the time in its construction...then the builders move on! Maybe...building on the airport wouln't be a bad idea? :-)

    1. Lived at Nethercourt when the American Air-force were based at Manston with thunder jets taking off and landing around the clock, yes they make a lot of noise a lot more noise than the modern aircraft using Manston now. We had
      no right to complain as we moved to Nethercourt after the airport was developed. The people who are trying to put Manston airport out of business by complaining every time the airport attempts to move their forward business will only achieve in making Thanet a more depressed area than it already is. Do not complain just move away.
      If you moved to thanet or were born after the airport was developed you have no right to try and remove one of the only assets Thanet has.


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