Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Traditional English tea ceremony in Margate and a few hundred pictures of the town this morning.

The loud rattling of a roadwork’s generator in Margate High Street attracted my attention, as someone with a background in engineering I can assure you that the only thing connected to this large diesel generator is the electric kettle on top of it.

The workmen are engaged in the traditional English tea making ceremony, an important part of which consists of watching the kettle so as to delay the water in it from boiling.
Click on the picture above to enlarge it and you will see what I mean.

Click on the links for the pictures of Margate all taken this morning between 6.30 am an 8.30 am.






I will endeavour to delete the worst of them later, please feel free to use any you like in any way you like I would appreciate a mention of http://thanetonline.blogspot.com/ so others get a chance to view them but this is in no way compulsory.


  1. Hmmm cant see why you are taking photo's when the shops that are open are closed?also you did'nt show any of the good changes that are going on-new cafe and art action on harbour arm,old town gallery Ingoldsby gallery quing etc,also the town was packed with people over the weekend enjoying themselves at the carnival-my friends and i sat on the piatza till 11pm having a great time.I am sure if i picked my moment i could find worse in your home town of ramsgate michael..

  2. 15.01 You have to appreciate that I mostly don’t get out when the shops are open as I work in one, obviously I get out into Ramsgate and Broadstairs during my lunch break but on the whole most of the pictures I take are taken early in the morning.

    It wasn’t my intention to show Margate in a bad light, I have to admit I was surprised that all of the cafés were closed and the town was still deserted when I left at 8.30, much of the Ramsgate café culture opens at 7.30 or eight and it is possible to get a good breakfast overlooking the harbour or in the town centre at that time.

    Certainly if you can come up with some pictures that show Margate in a different light I would be happy to publish them for you if you lack the ability.

    Here in Ramsgate our carnival has been cancelled due to lack of funds, so perhaps you are luckier in some respects.

    I seldom go to Margate and have to admit that the amount of empty shops left me rather bewildered.

    To my way of thinking Margate and Ramsgate were fairly similar towns until recently if anything Margate had the better shopping centre so I just don’t understand what has happened there.

  3. Anon 15.01 you have got to admit Margate has loads of empty shops and anyone getting off the train is greated by shops that have been boarded up for so long its a disgrace. Owners should be made to reduce rents and TDC should reduce Council tax, I remember once enquiring about a shop in Westbrook and the Rates were twice as expensive as the rent. Michael I know some of these Roads and remember having to reverse my electric scooter for a long way on one of them because when I got to the end NO DROPPED KERB GRRRRRRRR.

  4. Forgot to ask "so many photos in such a short time did you have your skates on"?????????

  5. Don part of the problem is that with internet and out of town shopping, town centre shops make less money but every expense goes up, rent rates, insurance, heat, light wages.

    As far as the time involved I just wandered around snapping when you are used to both looking after small children and taking photographs you get quite quick when you haven’t got them with you.

    The other thing is the way I publish them to the internet 5 pages of photographs is 5 copy and paste jobs 5 mins connecting it all together and then walk away from the computer and let it get on with it.

    The computer nerds would do their nuts if they saw me in action I think one or two are trying to work out how thanetblogs.blogspot.com works, the truth is I cheat.

    The time consuming thing is deleting the ones that are not much good something I seldom bother to do the michaelsbookshop.com site where I host them got 141,435 hits last month so someone must be looking at something.

  6. ascu75 aka Don said...

    "TDC should reduce Council tax"

    An often made point, but Business Rates that you refer to are set by the Government and TDC old act as a collector, they have no control of setting them....

  7. Yes Michael Looks like the lads have cunningly increased the boiling time by plugging it into 110 volt centre earth ?

    Good on them.


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