Friday, 14 August 2009

Vattenfall Ramsgate Week - Day 4

The first day of the Vattenfall Ramsgate Week's IRC Series was sailed in conjunction with the forth Cruiser Class Series race and was sponsored by Hornby. The two IRC fleets and two enthusiastic Cruiser fleets faced the challenge of variable winds dominated by a high pressure weather system.

Only one of the two scheduled IRC fleet races was possible, with the second race postponed until tomorrow, giving the prospect of a demanding three race day on both Friday and Saturday.

IRC Class 1
Icom Assassin started at the pin end of the line, Koko Kai in the middle and the rest of the IRC 1 fleet near the committee boat. Icom Assassin and Koko Kai had a good start, with good boat speed. Carl Sabbe's Grand Soleil 40 Alegria had to duck to stay below the line, with the X-35's, Kiss and Xwaves, being on course side at the committee end. On the windward leg, Koko Kai tacked on a long starboard tack towards the North Quern, followed by Kiss and Xwaves. Icom Assassin chose to short tack in the middle of the course with the remainder of the fleet following. Icom Assassin was first round the windward mark; Koko Kai, Xwaves and Kiss fought for the next position, with Kiss rounding first followed by Xwaves and then Koko Kai. The four leading boats caught the tidal gate and stayed in these placings until the finish. The remainder of the IRC 1 fleet tried valiantly to round the windward mark in light winds and against strong tides. Icom Assassin took line honours, with David Pinner's Kiss second and Xwaves third.
IRC Class 2
Richard Sparrow's J92 Who's to No, Antix, Marine Diffusion Dunkerque and Xpedite were able to break free from the start line which was difficult to leave behind against the tide and light winds. Xpedite rounded the weather mark first, with a close fought battle between Antix and Marine Diffusion Dunkerque to round second. The boats then sailed on a short spinnaker reach to the leeward mark. The final leg was hard on the wind with Julian Poupard's X-99 Xpedite taking line honours, John Allen's X-302 Antix second and Phillipe Bourgeois' First 34.7 Marine Diffusion Dunkerque third.

Cruiser Class 5 & 6
The race began with a northerly start to North Quern and then out to the No. 2 Channel buoy. There was an adverse tide up to the Channel buoy, with Jazz, Sydney II, Toucan, Rush deciding to go up the coast. The rest of the fleet tried to make it round the Channel buoy, but struggled to make it. The wind died, with the fleet sat between the Channel buoy and Pearson Gore. After a two hour wait, the wind filed in to 5 or 6 knots, taking the fleet to the Broadstairs Knoll buoy. Jazz was the first boat to round the mark, followed by Sydney II, Toucan, Rush, Surprise and Sunbird with the rest of the fleet following behind. There was a tidal gate, and those who hadn't made it round Broadstairs Knoll found it difficult to get back on the long reach to the North Quern. The early boats managed to finish with the tide.

In Class 5 Arthur Freeman's J92 Jazz took line honours, but was beaten by two seconds on handicap by Hugh Cripps' Impala 28 Sunbird, helmed by Frank Curtis from Crouch Yacht Club who took first place, with M Moorhead's Hunter Delta 25 Karana coming third.
In Class 6, S Jones' Mirage took line honours and the overall win for the race, with Kenneth Lees' Rush second place.

Best wishes,

The Vattenfall Ramsgate

Royal Temple Yacht Club, 6 Westcliff Mansions, Ramsgate, CT11 9HY, United Kingdom.

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