Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A quick look at the other Thanet blogs.

The latest posts on other blogs seems to be working properly again, so from the top on my sidebar.

Thanet Life


A pretty depressing piece on the unemployment figures from Simon and unfortunately a quick perusal of the internet appears to confirm what he says, which is 6 million of the potential 37 million working age members of our population are out of work and living on state benefits.

Also Simon reflects on the high standard of beach cleaning in Thanet and on this I have to admit I have to agree with him. I am often up early in the morning wandering around Thanet and see the before and after both with the shopping centres and the beaches. I have quite a few pictures and videos about this and will do a post about it in the fullness of time.

Plenty from Tim Garbutt as ever.


Tim has sent me some figures on council expenses and one or two other documents that he has obtained through the FOIA and I will publish them up on ordinary web pages later today.

One of the things Tim has been looking into is the financing of the Pleasurama project another the council’s wages and expenses.



Richard is very much on form everything from Thanet UFOs to trainspotting, all come recommended.

Naked in Thanet


It looks like Peter is making some headway with his battle to get an official Thanet nudist beach, as a local businessman I would like to see one of Ramsgate’s three beaches designated as such. In Ramsgate we could very do with the nude pound or any other sort of currency at the moment.

It is not just the facility but the publicity associated with anything to do with nudism that would help the town, we really need to get a much higher media profile.

Bignews Margate


Tony as on form as ever, for me his observations that the Labour party has deserted the ordinary working people are the most thought provoking, in terms of voting for House of Commons politicians, for us Thanet Residents the choices are somewhat limited.

Come decision day Tony’s constituency is pretty much bound to return Roger Gale, the Thanet North Labour candidate seems to have gone into hiding, leaving the options rather limited.

Thanet Press Releases


At the moment pretty much every other TDC press release seems to be about Dippers and Dunkers while ignoring all the other events in Thanet.

My main objectives with producing this blog were to get TDCIT to improve the way it makes information available to us.

I was hoping by now I could dispense with this blog but progress at TDCIT seems rather slow.

From One End of Kent


It is a bit hard to see what Mark is trying to achieve here half of his blog seems to be a vendetta against Simon of Thanet Life, I can’t really seem to be able to determine if this is personal, political or what. In fact it is becoming so extreme as to be verging on the edge of humorous. Strange really both Simon and Mark seem to dedicated to improving Thanet and they are both councillors that are very quick to respond to communications and problems.

Stop Manston Expansion Group


At the moment there seems to be some discussion based around antiquarian cartography I hope the 1830 map above that does show Manston goes some way to help resolve this (click on it to enlarge).

I can never see myself supporting airport expansion unless they go a very long way to resolve the basic environmental safety issues, most particularly those related to protecting the water supply.

I also feel that while Kent International Airport’s expansion targets are so far from any that seem in any way realistic it is very difficult to take them seriously as a company that could have long term benefits for the area.

Margate Historical society.


This blog comes highly recommended and has been giving a lot of pleasure hwping to fill in my limited understanding of Margate’s history.

Thanet Strife.


It looks like Bertie is as miffed as I am by recent blog hostilities, not sure if these are salvoes in some sort of blog wars or something completely different that I don’t understand at all.

Neither am I sure that the quest for absent councillors has much point, from experience if one writes to them all individually one is lucky to get six to eight replies.

Well that seems to be all of the recent postings covered, certainly working through all of this I am lead to the question, why do people do it? Blog I mean, I think I know where I stand on this one, firstly working in the bookshop lends itself to bogging and it certainly helps to promote my business.

The historical ones I can understand too as it is a good way of preserving information pretty much all of Thanet Coast Life http://thanetcoastlife.blogspot.com/ must be saved to numerous peoples hard drives, so if Tony has some sort of computing disaster and loses them he can easily get them back.


  1. Michael, I actually incorporated your excellent comments from here into my Isle Of Thanet Gazette article last week (as well as comments from other bloggers including Tony Flaig, ECR, Simon, Matt & Mrs Tara P), but I guess there wasn't enough space.

    Also, the one major Thanet blog that you haven't mentioned is Matt's 'Thanet Star', though sadly he too seems a little obsessed with Simon these days. I'm not going to get involved with these squabbles, though I personally liked Simon both before I met him & when I did finally (all too briefly) meet him recently. I just wish that Mark, Simon & Matt would write about Thanet issues instead of each other, as they're all far more interesting when they do.

    Lastly, your map seems to confirm what I've always suspected; that Manston High Street (& a couple of other roads by the looks of things) originally extended south all the way to what is now Canterbury Road West. I'd be fascinated to learn more of what this was like prior to the airport, ie did houses run all along the high street originally?

  2. Peter as far a nudist beaches go, like other low cost tourist facilities the councils primary objective here should be promoting Thanet, both in terms of the publicity involved and the facilities provided.

    A properly designated nudist beach with all the usual facilities, toilets, disabled access, life guards and café would seem to me to be a minimum requirement for a 21st century European resort.

    As far as the blogs I missed I only included those that had posted recently, in the order they had posted, the one I now realise that I did miss was Margate Architecture, this was because the most recent post hadn’t appeared on my “recent posts on other blogs” thingy on my sidebar.

    As far as the map goes, my 1906 map shows Manston High Street going as far as Canterbury Road, no sign of any more houses though.

  3. Any chance of posting (or linking to) the 1906 map Michael?


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