Sunday, 16 August 2009

Euroferries Bonanza Express makes U turn.

Eascliff Richard would probably head this post something like “Ferry Odd” but I d id notice that Bonanza Express seems to be heading back to Las Palmas.

With Euroferries website announcing the new service due to start later this month and no obvious sign of anything happening in Port Ramsgate I wonder what is going on.

Obviously Ramsgate has nothing to lose and everything to gain from the new ferry service and obviously the fact that Bonanza Express is running and has a crew can only be a good sign.

Click on the link to track Bonanza Express


  1. She may have gone back but according to her AIS transmission she is moored in a different part of the port.

  2. Someone in Ramsgate told me that even when the ferry arrives we can't just turn up and go on her as foot passengers but must join a coach trip! Is this true? Does anyone know? Thought the whole point of it was that we could go as foot passengers again?

  3. Maybe it is that a bus will be needed to get footies on, like they do with LD and Speedferries before that, as there is no staging suitable in Ramsgate, the old Hoverspeed, Berth 16 in Boulogne has this, but not the current ramp being used by LD in Berth 13 .... just a thought.

    BE is at this moment floating about in the middle of the dock ....

  4. I agree with Michael its ferry strange

  5. For me the main problem, like so many Ramsgate projects is the lack of any engagement with local people.

    With major projects that will effect the town permanently it is very difficult to find out what is going on, Pleasurama, The royal Victoria Pavilion, swimming pool and now the ferry.

    The council’s attitude seems to be very much one of “trust us we know what we are doing” and although they may come up with a deal that leaves the council protected in terms of maladministration, common sense often goes out the window.

    The present set up with TransEuropa Ferries is a prime example of what I mean, although it benefits the council there is scant benefit for Ramsgate.

    Obviously part of any ferry service agreement should include it providing some sort of travel service to and from the town and frankly the council seem only to often to be almost proud of negotiating something that exists in name but when one goes to use it, doesn’t work in practice.

  6. Last week I sent an enquiry to asking them how I can book since the service is due to open in the next few weeks. No reply yet.

  7. BONANZA EXPRESS is in dry dock at Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Maybe for more repainting ??????? WHO KNOWS?


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