Saturday, 8 August 2009

SUPERB RENOVATION of St Michael & St Bishoy Coptic Church in Northdown Road

The outstanding renovation of this building was achieved with funding from English Heritage.

The church building now looks absolutely marvelous. The standard of workmanship appears very high and the end result is a gleaming newly renovated asset for Cliftonville. All credit to the church for giving us a wonderfully refurbished backdrop to Northdown Road.

Cllr. Clive Hart

Please find attached 2 x pictures of St Michael & St Bishoy Coptic Church in Northdown Road, Cliftonville (formerly St Stephen's).

Ed I got a bit behind yesterday two emails for publication from Clive Heart this is the first as he sent two pictures I will use one for each post.


  1. Check out also the expensive-looking newly-tiled steeple on the church in Westbrook, it looks amazing!

  2. OK Peter a few pictures if your neck of the woods that I took about a week ago, I went off somewhere quiet to try and get the crud out of my old digital slr so they weren’t really intended for publication I promise to go over and do some better ones soon.

  3. Thanks Michael, hope you enjoyed visiting these areas (I certainly find all the smaller Thanet villages far less depressing than both Margate/Cliftonville & Ramsgate).

  4. This weekend I'm in Margate photographing all the churches I can find, Anglican, Catholic and non-denominational, for the 'Churches of the British Isles' section of the History Files web site (

    The idea is to combine photos with text describing the history of the church buildings (you can see what I mean from those pages already published), but there seems to be almost no material available online for Margate's churches, so any notes or details that you can supply would be greatly appreciated.

    I really hope you can help out (all contributions will be fully credited, of course).

    Best wishes
    Peter Kessler


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