Monday, 3 August 2009

Back in the world of the blogging a few pictures of Ramsgate today to start.

I am sort of half back and able to sit down for long enough to type something that at least makes some sort of sense to me, so I hope to get a few posts with some sort of contentment in them up this week.

First a few pictures from my walk between about 10.30 and 11.30 this morning.

I used a small pocket digital camera rather than humping all the unusual stuff about, it is quite old and rather primitive click on the link to view


  1. Glad your feeling a bit better nice shots just going to look at the present company website Nice Piccies, see all those lenses and stuff make hard work of photography

  2. Glad to hear both you and ECR are getting better

  3. Michael, I love your pictures - some bring my words to life in the articles on my blog.


  4. Where can we see your blog Yvonne?

  5. Thanks Don I think it’s my age I just got used to being able to change lenses and use a great chunky thing that feels like a camera.

    Thanks Millicent I suspect it is something to do with men making more fuss but it’s surprising how much one values being able to sit down.

    Yvonne if you right click on any of them ant save them somewhere easy to find on your computer like the desktop, you can go to edit posts on your blogger dashboard, click on edit the one you want to add the picture to.

    All you have to do then is click on the add picture icon at the top click on the browse button then desktop then the image then open then upload and it’s yours.

    16.30 link on my sidebar.


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