Sunday, 16 August 2009

Sunday morning ramble.

First a few blog problems, the latest posts on other blogs doesn’t seem to be updating as quickly as usual, so if you are having difficulty catching up I can recommend which seems to update in less than a second.
It’s Ramsgate Lifeboat today Sunday august 16th Sunday despite the poster saying August 17th, with a fishing boat race at 2pm.
The link takes you to the Ramsgate Lifeboat website
I was looking at Wellington Crescent yesterday, sprouting masses of "to let" and "for sale" boards with various uncoordinated attempts at restoration it is looking a bit sad.
When it was first built in about 1820 plots were sold to different people on the understanding that the fronts of the houses were all built to the same design, so as to form a uniform crescent not so the back, which to my mind has always looked more interesting.

No results for Ramsgate week yesterday as they didn’t turn up, sorry if you were following it as I don’t know where else they appear on the web.

I am still trying to come to terms with the terrorcotta at Madeira Walk, judging from the comment on yesterdays post I am not the only one.
More of this later if I get a chance click on the link for yesterdays pictures
And as promised a bit more, just a few pictures of this afternoon’s walk mostly taking the children to “Lark in the Park” another Ramsgate event not featured on the council’s website click here for them
Strange how Margate’s “Dunkers and Dippers” seems to be getting several council press releases a week.

The final day Ramsgate Week results have just arrived here they are.
The final day of Vattenfall Ramsgate Week was sponsored by Icom and incorporated Ramsgate Week's IRC Series, the SailEAST Ramsgate Series and the prestigious Gold Cup. Also, the Cruiser Classes completed their sixth day of Vattenfall Ramsgate Week Cruiser Series'. The biggest fleet of the week was greeted with perfect sailing conditions of 15 to23 knots from the South East, calm seas and beautiful sunshine. It doesn't get much better than this!
IRC Class 1
It was a day for the Europeans in the IRC Class 1 fleet, with foreign boats winning all three of the races sailed in very close and competitive sailing.
The first race was won by Belgium boat, Alegria, with a one second lead on the local boat, Icom Assassin, once corrected time had been taken into consideration. Third place went to another Belgium boat, Oxygen.
The next race was won by the French IMX 38, Milo, with Alegria second and the local First 45, Carronade taking third place.
The final race for Vattenfall Ramsgate Week was won with a four second lead by Axel De Cock's Oxygen, with Alegria second and Milo third. There was only an eleven second gap between the first and the third boat, with only three minutes between the entire fleet.
IRC Class 2
Phillipe Boureois' Marine Diffusion Dunkerque led the way throughout the first race in the IRC Class 2 fleet, taking line honours to win the race. The Impala 28 Reaction took second place, with Medway boat Big Zipper taking third place.
The second race started in a slightly lighter breeze. Once again, Marine Diffusion Dunkerque established a convincing lead, but was beaten on handicap by Paul Glover and Malcolm Flory's Volante, who had a two second lead. Peter Pearson and Barry Smith's Scallywag II took third place.
In the final race, Marine Diffusion Dunkerque took line honours again to win the race, with the Dehler 34, Big Zipper taking second place John Allen's X302 Antix taking third.
Gold Cup
The Belgium Grand Soleil 40, Alegria, were the historical winners of the coveted Gold Cup, awarded to the overall winner from all three races. This is the first time the cup has been awarded to a foreign boat, since it was first presented in 1903. Congratulations to the Carl Sabbe and his crew.
Cruiser Class 5 & 6
Conditions were the same as yesterday; force 4 to 5, south westerly, with a short, steep sea. The Race Officer set the course down to Deal Bank with a dog leg from West Goodwin to Deal Dolphin. As usual the start, Lance Stevens' Grand Soleil 50, Sydney II powered away and was first to round Stonar with Surprise, Toucan, Jazz, Sunbird and Rush following. These positions stayed largely the same through the rest of the race. The fleet enjoyed a marvellous sail in the sunshine.
In Class 5, Sydney II took line honours, with Frank Martin's Surprise second and Hugh Cripps Sunbird third.
In Class 6, Mirage took line honours, but was beaten on handicap by Mallard, with Richard Hoppers Mystic Sky taking third place.

Watch out for a final round up and results coming soon.


  1. Michael in twenty years the Pulmanite will all look the same colour

  2. Don having looked at the quality of the repairs I don’t think they will last long enough for the surgical appliance pink to wear off.

  3. Michael,

    There was a notice in the park prior to these repairs, apologising for the waterfall being off. I can't remember the exact wording, but it was something to the effect that they were having some special mortar made up for the rock repairs.

    TDC planning department tends to be quite hot on people using the correct mortar for repairs to listed buildings, so with a bit of luck TDC may have got this right for their own work.

    The pink is a bit hard on the eye, but as Don says, the mortar will probably change over time.

    I'm less certain about the rock appearance though. From your photos, the repairs don't look as 'craggy' as the original rocks. However, I believe the Pulhams were masters of this artform - so this might not be that easy to immitate.

    One thing that is of a major concern to those of use living in this part of town is what plans TDC might have for the trees in Albion Place gardens. There is apparently a potential problem of root damage to the Pulhanite rocks. However, quite a lot of trees have been cut down so far - and not always those nearest to the rocks.

    We are still waiting to see if any other trees are cut down, and whether anything will be planted in the bare areas of earth.



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