Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Birchington in the spot light.

I took a few snaps of Birchington this morning about 8am I now realise that I should have got there much earlier as there were far too many people and vehicles about getting in the way of the buildings.

I have a reprint of a Birchington book published by me for the first time coming out this week, more about that later, so I have Birchington very much on my mind at the moment.

Having just read my last post which seems to me in retrospect to be a bit of a chaotic ramble induced by trying to use the council’s website to some purpose, I can honestly say the pictures of Birchington aren’t much better, things getting I my way got on my nerves, here are the links to them.



Ha, but at least I finally got the crud out of my camera, broke all the rules and used methanol at first I thought I had finished it off as I used too much, but eventually discovered a very small amount that evaporates really quickly did the trick.


  1. Hi Michael - Enjoyed your Birchington pictures. We hlived in Birchington when we were first married in 1955 - Bas built us our first little home - a bungalow in Quex View road, and we named it Valentine, as we met on St. Valentine's Day. We have lived off and on Birchington during our married life. Lovely village, or is it town now.


  2. B of BirchingtonAugust 12, 2009 4:51 pm

    Gorgeous pictures.
    I have lived in Thanet for 61 years and 26 of those here in Birchington.
    Lovely thriving village

  3. I can only echo the above comments; great pics, lovely village. It's the only place in Thanet where I actually look forward to doing my weekly shopping.


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