Thursday, 20 September 2018

Castling with care in Whitstable and Margate 90s and 60s Ramsgate

 Starting with these two 1994 Ramsgate pictures of the bit of the town that is seeing some major changes

 So am I, that is buying books here at the moment,
 This is 1968 around the time I first had a boat in Ramsgate and first worked on boats in the harbour
 I am a bit obsessed with castles today although I guess few would realise this is a photo of 'Hawarden Castle' c1920, as well as Margate pier - different people see things in different ways at different times.

Auntie Google says: Built as German sailing vessel Emma Linnemann for Reederei Hermann Linnemann, Hamburg. 1910 renamed Columbus for Claus Dreyer, Bremen. The ship was seized at Antwerp when the First World War broke out and was blocked in the harbour. After the war the ship was returned and converted to a motor merchant. From 1922 to 1923, she was owned by Carl Joh. Klingenberg & Co, Bremen and then by the Atlantic Reederei AG, Bremen. 1924 sold to Britain and renamed Hawarden Castle for W. Worall, Chester.

On 13 September 1939 the Hawarden Castle (Master William Worrall, DSC) left Nieuport and was reported missing thereafter without a trace. The ship probably hit a mine laid on 5 September by U-17 east of South Foreland
 We were off in Whitstable and Herne Bay buying books for the bookshop today
 Lunchtime is often difficult, the combination of reasonable food, somewhere with an interesting view to eat it, paint and some bit of free or cheap all weather entertainment, nearby parking, clean toilet. This is related to having produced something at the end of the day, recorded it on the blog as other people would perhaps write a diary. Turner Contemporary pulls this off in Margate, the cathedral and adjacent Chocolate Cafe in Canterbury, In Whitstable it's Whitstable Castle.
The result in a
 cheap sketchbook from The Works
Pot of tea, bacon and cheese roll around a tenner, the car park is free as is the entry to the castle and grounds, which are a bit municipal.
Here is the link to the content of my camera's SD card, mostly the castle, which of course isn't a castle in a defensive sense and I think was built as a decorative family home.

Bookshop wise this is the link to the pictures of the books we put out yesterday 


  1. You may have had a boat in Ramsgate in 1968, but the picture is Margate harbour

  2. Guys there is a picture of Margate Harbour and one of Ramsgate Harbour in the post both have the writing about them underneath them, am I missing something here?


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