Friday, 14 September 2018

Ramsgate photos today, my answer to yesterdays question about the best leader of TDC

I assumed the square rigged ship Alva that has been moored in Ramsgate harbour for the last few days
is the same one that had got to around the windfarm around lunchtime, however looking at the pictures I think I assumed wrong

This is the link to the rest of today's photos

wosit beguines with M? Gor it, embarrassing - you put a no smoking sign and this 'appens - well put a camera in my hand and I just can't 'elp it.

Thanet District Council leaders, I'm going with Steve Ladyman before he became MP, educated gent PHD - doctor doctor I've got this terrible council on my town; right there you see. And yes he didi start to get it into some sort of order, but climbed the political ladder too fast and imploded as - yes minister.

Here in the bookshop, busy day

Link to the pictures of the books we put out today 

I skived off for brunch at Wetherspoons and painted a bit more

 I painted the green sign outside Pete's Fish Factory and the Green Goddess, size wise this is a bit disappointing, technique wise the white of the letters is paper and you just paint green watercolur around where the letters ere and discover they were in the paper all the time.

Ramsgate old photos next

Now Margate ones

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