Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Ramsgate Tunnels Westcliff End Photos

 I thought a guess where in Thanet wouldn't work for these. The photos were taken back in 2010 and 2011. This is the part of the Ramsgate Tunnel system with the entrances at Spencer Square, Liverpool Lawn, Brewery (Waitrose), Ramsgate Hospital Mortuary and near Jacob's Ladder.
In some cases you will notice the same shot is taken with the camera on different exposures

The map may help you to work it out, we sell a large paper version at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate, this come rolled up in a tube and is too difficult and too expensive to post.

You can go on a tunnel tour of the Eastcliff end of the tunnels here is the link to the tunnels website

Here is the tunnel engineer's plan which may also help

Back in the day, when I worked for a sort of mechanic for The Pleasurama Group I'm afraid to say we used the Eastcliff end as a sort of rubbish dump, the photo above shows the rubbish being removed from that end.

The Westcliff end isn't easily accessible so it is pretty much as it was left after WW2
 This bit was under Ramsgate Hospital

Attribution and copyright for the photos taken in the tunnels, space invader urbex

Here at Michael's Bookshop, where I pretend to work in Ramsgate it's been a fairly quiet day and I have been catching up with correspondence. Because tomorrow is Thursday the bookshop will be closed.

link to the photos of the books we put out today 

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