Monday, 4 November 2019

Mystery Thanet photo, Deprived parts of Thanet and an initial review of the new moto g8 plus phone

 So what do you make of this Thanet photo? I think it should be a fairly easy one.

If anyone missed it I have put a detailed answer (pictures and maps) on yesterdays blog post click here for it

 This is the earliest photo I have seen of the railway turntable at Ramsgate Sands Station, so around 1860, before the colonnade was built and Moses's shipyard was moved to the Western Undercliff
On to the new phone

A  moto g8 plus bought from Carphone warehouse in Canterbury yesterday for £239.99. I could have bought it for less online but I have recently had some bad experiences doing that.

I get through quite a few phones, mainly because I have schoolchildren and when losses or breakages occur I pass my phone on.

I started using computers in 1970 and smartphones
 well I started getting annoyed with/by them before most people.

I guess you could say I am passionate about people getting a reasonable balance of technology.

Too much, damages the brain and eyesight while too little reduces quality of like particularly for the older and more vulnerable people in society.

Recently I bought a moto g7 play phone for about £130 from Argos, a bit of an emergency purchase and very much a budget phone. I use giffgaff pay as you go and opt for the £10 per month 6GB internet with unlimited text and calls.

Frankly I was so impressed with the moto g7 that when their new moto g8 plus came out last week I bought one, so far I haven't been disappointed..

The photos, link at the bottom of the post for outside snaps on auto this dull day.

A mixed pile of pictures, photographed at my desk, on auto, under the shop's ordinary strip-lights

On The Go - OTG worked fine, no problem using the phone to charge my sound cancelling headphones and transfer pictures from my camera's SD card. Watched the Golden Compass on BBC I player on it without a blip.

There are pros and cons to living in one of the most deprived wards in the UK, King Street Ramsgate where I work at Michael's Bookshop and live in the flat above, has lots of issues, I walked a little way up it from the bookshop toward Broadstairs and took a few photos today, because of testing the camera on the new phone.

Link to the photos

More photos from the g8 plus including some night snapshots using the night mode

Work wise a quiet day in the bookshop

link to the photos of the books we put out

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