Friday, 1 November 2019

Which Thanet Mill, Sharon Hendy at York Street Gallery in Ramsgate

 So do you know which of our mills this is? I'll put the answer at the botom of the post lare this evening
 This is Palm Bay in 1913

York Street Gallery in Ramsgate has an exhibition by Sharon Hendy 30 Oct - 6 Nov 19, photos of the pictures

I gather that the largest part of the old Lewis and Hyland store
 lately The Schoolwear Centre, is to re open as a convenience store 

A fairly quiet day at work here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate
Link to the photos of today's books
Technology wise I am considering buying a phone with a better camera, I normally buy budget phones and am considering the Moto g8 plus, as I use my phone a lot for pictures for this blog, meaning you dear reader, look at them, any suggestions appreciated.

as I said at the top of this post there will be more to come including the name and location of the mill
The answer to which mill is Pierremont Mill, Broadstairs also sometimes called Broadstairs Mill by Holman Bros who owned it. Near to the site of the pub called The Bradstow Mill although there I can't find any historical reference to a mill called Bradstow Mill.

The other Broadstairs Mill looks different

This is St Peter's Mill.
We had supper at Wetherspoons aka Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate

 note the film crew making a film outside
 you can see from the photos I really do need to upgrade my phone
it's the sort of situation where I don't really want to pull a camera out of my pocket only to be told not to take photos.

 I did a bit more to my watercolour sketch there


  1. Hi Michael, regarding the mill pictured, named as St Peter's, which steeple is that seen on the far right?

  2. I think it may be Andrew's, Reading Street


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