Saturday, 2 November 2019

Some old Thanet photos, some more Great Wall of Ramsgate photos, some photos of my morning walk in Ramsgate ten years ago etc

 Do you know where this is, postmarked 1907 back below

Peter one of my blog readers brought in a memory stick with his photos of The Great Wall of Ramsgate to share
Link to the rest of Peter's Great Wall of Ramsgate photos

Link to the photos I took on my morning walk 10 years ago

Here in the book world, I am reading Desmond Morris's The Lives of the Surrealists and David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas. What are you reading?

A very wet afternoon and Michael's Bookshop where I work here in Ramsgate has gone very quiet. I have been pricing Loeb Classics, these are classics in translation with the original language on the left page with the translation on the right page. The idea was dreamed up by James Loeb over 100 years ago.

They mostly sell online for between £15 and £20 and in the bookshop between £10 and £15 

If you put loeb classical library into Ebay and click on the sold listings tab you can see what I mean. Of course they are priced for sale there at anything up to about £600 but nevertheless they never seem to sell for more than £20 each.

There are about 1,500 listed, with only 75 sold in the last three months, it's very hard to see how this works and for who, apart from Ebay. 

Let's say you sold one for £15 on Ebay, large letter recorded post would be about £4 and £1.50 for Ebay plus the work of listing the other 15 that didn't sell.

You could have some leftovers.

A large part of the books we priced and put in the bookshop window were Snoopy Books, straightforward stuff in the book business I think they were all OK so priced at £1.99 I don't expect them to last very long.

Only a very few local history books in today's batch. I wonder how many Snoopy Books they did? I think there are about 60 in today's batch and I think they are all different.

Blog written, two decent books on the go, not sure which to read now.

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