Tuesday, 10 March 2020

9 Mystery Photos and 3 questions, The answers to yesterday's Questions

 Q1  1    All of these 7 photos are of the same Thanet institution, do you know which one

Q 2 Do you recognise this Thanet building and can you name the architect?

Q 3 Do you know where in Thanet this is?

Average sort of day at work here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate, remaking the bookcases in the art section has given us some more space in the part of the shop which is art, craft and music books.

Link to the photos of the books we put out today

The answers to yesterday's mystery photos
Queen Street Ramsgate. Purpose built for Gwyn and Co wine merchants premises of around 1898, designed by W J Jennings of Canterbury, in a Victorian Tudor-style. The building also fronts on to Effingham Street, where there is a stone shield, carved with the dates ‘1778 JC 1898', referring to the establishment of a wine business in Ramsgate, by John Curling in 1778. The building later became the premises of the grocer J Powell, and is now (2020) used as an estate agents.

 East Court built for the first Baron Winterstoke (Sir W. H. Wills) of Wills Cigarettes. With the early deaths of her father, and older brother, Catherine Janet Stancomb and her sister, Yda Emily Margaretha Stancomb were adopted by Sir William Henry Wills, and Janet and Yda officially changed their names to Stancomb-Wills in 1893. Later Dame Janet Stancomb Graham Stancomb-Wills, Ramsgate philanthropist.

 This one has to be before 26 October 1928 when the end of the San Clue (now Comfort Inn) burnt down and as the car has a 1920s look to it the photo is unlikely before 1920.

Neptune Square Margate demolished in the lat 1930s the site is now Margate Police Station

 Northdown Road Cliftonville, No 24 on the left, photo is looking towards Margate
 This is it now

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  1. does the Yarrow school for sick children have anything to do with these photo`s?


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