Friday, 20 March 2020

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Here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate we are having our first day closed that isn't Sunday, Thursday or a Bank Holiday since I opened the bookshop here at the end of October 1987.

We have also stopped our internet and postal sales, at the moment my understanding is that coronavirus lives for up to a day on cardboard and up to three days on plastic, both things we use for packing materials.

At the moment we are putting a great part of our live on hold, at least while we come to understand the main risks and how best to mitigate them.

Rushing around crowded shops panic buying is likely to result in more people dying, especially those people doing it and the people they spent the most time with, their family and friends, so we have run a bit low on some items, but no serious shortages.

I am putting up a few Thanet photos, but not as questions as I don't have the time to field the answers today

This last one is what happens when we get heavy rain on Harbour Parade, the safety elf means there can't be an overflow into the harbour so the drains can't cope and a mixture of water and sewage pours into the basements of the businesses only to be pumped out into the harbour.

Link to the rest of the photos of this event about ten years ago

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King Street Ramsgate

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  1. So sorry to hear you feel the need to shut down (temporally I hope). Stay safe and well.


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