Monday, 2 March 2020

6 Mystery Photos. The Answers to Yesterday's, minor ramble from the bookshop

 Q1 Where in Thanet

 Q2 Where in Thanet

 Q3 Who in Thanet gets the coffee

 Q4 Where in Thanet is this sailing ship

 Q5 Where in Thanet

Q6 Which Thanet cinema

I've been working away at the art section in the bookshop and am hoping to incorporate better disabled access at the same time. We use portable wheelchair ramps for the seps in the bookshopshop but a lot of the electric wheelchairs won't go up portable ramps.

If you want a bookshop where the books are affordable and cheaper than they are on the internet then it's almost certain to be a difficult, old and undesirable building, hence the problems.

Here at Michael's Bookshop once again a reasonably busy day, more than the first Monday in March last year. With the busses diverted, the roads around us closed, concerns about coronavirus, the slump in retail and a fairly grim economic forecast, I have to admit to being a bit baffled.

link to the books we priced and put out today

Yesterday's answers
 Morellis in Broadstairs

 I have been going in there for a coffee and ice cream since the 1960s it hasn't changed a lot, were you part of the group of teenagers in the 60s and 70s smoking and drinking coffee at the back?
 and am fascinated by their fountain

 Harbour Street Ramsgate

 This is Margate and I think the tree Thanet towns have different lamp standard designs, if you click on the photo above of outside  Morellis you can expand it enough to see a  Broadstairs one

this is Ramsgate's Westcliff Boating Pool loo

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