Monday, 16 March 2020

Do you recognise any of these old Thanet photos? The answers to yesterday's mystery photos

 Q 1 which popular Thanet shopping street? I should add that I'm not entirely sure the contemporary printed text on this photo is right so will be interested to see what people make of it

Q 2 what and where in Thanet?

 q 3 what and where in Thanet?

 Q 4 which Thanet street?

Q 5 a once well known Thanet business photographed with it's vehicles outside, do you know what and where it was?

It seemed quieter today in terms of the number of customers at Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate, sales were down slightly on the Mon week 3 2019 so I think the effects of coronavirus is starting to have an impact on the business.

It's very hard to tell with this sort of thing based on one day's sales, however the quieter feel is another matter altogether.

from our point of view it gave us time to top up the Thanet book section as you can the from the
photos of the books we put out today

I carried on with the music section in the bookshop
 as you can see this is starting to take shape

Next yesterday's answers 
 Dickens house museum
 Foy Boat

Two thanet Steamers both called Royal Sovereign. Above and below

St Catherine’s Church Church Manston

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