Friday, 6 March 2020

Mystery pictures click to expand, yesterday's answers, minor ramble.

 Q1 What do you see in the picture. A bit different today, the What do you see in the picture ones need captions explaining the pictures - have a go.

 Q2 What do you see in the picture

 Q3 What do you see in the picture

 Q4 where in Thanet

 Q5 What do you see in the picture

 Q6 What do you see in the picture

Q7 where in Thanet

International women's day this weekend, World Book Day yesterday, just saying. For me it was another day building bookcases, I'm reading Christian Jacq's Ramses series at the moment so am in ancient Egypt in my mind, We haven't got it in stock in the bookshop at the moment, I had the only copies.

Pictures of the books we put out today

Yesterday's answers

Boots in Harbour street Ramsgate, there were various ways of answering this one 
one of them was enhancing the photo so you could read the embossed sign another was looking in one of the street directories for Harbour Street Ramsgate in the early 1900s
this is the right page in the 1930 one link to buy the 1930 Ramsgate Street Directory obviously a cheaper solution is to come into Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate and loo in the directory. 

There is always the remembering I can remember it as Timothy Whites a shop that used to be in the high street until Boots bought it and swapped over, expanding the old Timothy Whites shop through into King St.

 The turntable at Ramsgate Sands Station ager one of the many accidents where the train coming down the tunnel incline failed to stop in time.

 This is the Flowerdew Grave at the Cemetery in Cecilia Road it was bombed 2nd November 1940 although one of the photos is 30th May 1941 research suggests Flowerdew was the surname of the grave's occupant.

 Ramsgate Harbour warehouse
 Both maps are on the wall in the bookshop I snapped the relevant bits with mi phone 1849 above 1872 below. Buying one of the large maps we sell the 1849 one for £9.99 and the 1872 one for 14.99 although we don't post them, is a useful way of learning our local history.

 Garden Row Margate

Cranborne Ally Margate

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  1. I am most probably one of the last living people that lived in Cranbourne Place. I moved there in 1957 to Lil's Grill opposite Mr Sudders fish and chip shop and later to the pet shop in the double property to the right, with an aviary between it and Angle (Angel) house, which is a fruit and vegetable shop in this picture. We left the alley in about 1963, shortly afterwards it was gone!


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