Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Where in Thanet photos, 11 Questions, yesterday's answers

 Q1 where in Thanet

 Q2 which Thanet pub sign

 Q3 where in Thanet

 Q4 where in Thanet

 Q5 which Thanet Church

 Q6 where in Thanet

 Q7 where in Thanet

 Q8 where in Thanet

 Q9 where in Thanet

 Q10 where in Thanet

Q11 where in Thanet

I am doing my best to respond to all the answers on Facebook and to keep the quizes going, mainly because I think it takes people's minds of the current situation. Across the various Facebook groups there can be a lot of comments and I do have quite a lot of other stuff to do.

We are still trading where I work a Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate, the shop is a bit quieter than usual, but lacking clear guidance and keeping a eye on what other shops are doing seems to be anb approach.

We are closed tomorrow because it's Thursday and I guess we will wait and see what Friday morning brings in terms of government announcements.

I think today's announcement that the schools are to close will impact on our decision as to whether or not we open the bookshop on Friday, difficult times all round.

By building various bookcases I have managed to achieve an extra bookcase for general paperback fiction, we already had 15 so this extra 8 shelves only expands the space by about 5%, come the spring I hope to expand the fiction sections a lot more.

The issue here is that there isn't much in southeast england that has a reasonable range of quality fiction priced to compete with the internet.

With the average paperback selling for around £2 including postage, it's a bit of a minefield for ordinary people both buying and selling. Buying secondhand online is at best unpredictable and selling produces very little fo a fair amount of hard work.

Interesting info from another local business "Latest:  The Ambrette has pandemic cover on its insurance - but the insurance company is refusing to pay out because the "Corona Virus is not contagious."  Details to follow." It sort of sums up the dilemma faced by the small business.

Yesterday's answers

 Mulberry Close-Thanet Road Ramsgate, Lazarus Hart Haven of Rest, almshouse

 Prince Harry Ramsgate

 Station Rd. Westgate

St James Church Garlinge

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