Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Old Thanet Picture Quiz, yesterday's answers bit of a bookshop ramble.

 Q1 Where in Thanet? I imagine from the spectators you can tell what's going on

 Q2 What and where in Thanet?

 Q3 Where in Thanet? and what's going on?

 Q4 Which Thanet pub?

 Q5 I have no idea where in Thanet this is but am open to ideas
 Q6 once again I have no idea where in Thanet, you may

Q7 which Thanet pub?

A much quieter day at work here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate.

 I have been working on the art section and built the new bookcase where there was just wall today
the next part is to make these two bookcase in the art section narrower so that we can have mixed sizes in the part which is books about individual artists in alphabetical order.

This means that I want buy a lot more art books on individual artists, so if you need some money and want to sell them to me let me know.

link to the photos of the books we put out today

Yesterday's answers

 This is when they put the surface drainage pipe in to drain the rain water from the Pleasurama development into Ramsgate Harbour. The pipe ran through Pier Yard and although I warned them that it would be easier to around the old underground toilets, they didn't take any notice, which I guess cost them a five figure sum. 
 As you can see the reinforced concrete toile ceilings are just under the surface. When I worked for the pleasurama group in the 1970s the toilets were still in use and Stardust Arcade (part of the pavilion building) used the huge disused and still victorian par for storage, public baths the whole lot. It was people having bathrooms at home that made these places unviable and lead to their closure. I you want it all back you need to consider having no bathroom at home and a loo at the bottom of the garden often shared by several homes comes with the nostaga.

 This is the at the end of Ramsgate's West Pier, the strange thing about it is that if you stand on it and shout or even talk loudly you will notice it has an echo. I think everyone who spent their childhood in Ramsgate knows this, although a lot of people have forgotten.

 Time and Space in Broadstairs

Lola and Company Margate Harbour Arm

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  1. In the 70's a chap used to set up his newspaper 'stall' using the walls around the harbour toilets.


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