Thursday, 12 March 2020

Five Questions and four answers, The Old Bank Bookshop in Margate

 q 1 where in Thanet

 Q 2 where in Thanet

 Q3 where in Thanet

 Q 4 where in Thanet

Q 5 where in Thanet

A busy day off today, if you have a four bedroomed flat, two children at school and living at home and a considerable amount of family and friends who come and visit, then decorating all of the bedrooms is a tricky business. I am now on the final bedroom, meaning that we are all back in our own rooms and I have started on the spare room.

We did manage to get out for a couple of hours, drive to Margate, spend an hour in The old bank Bookshop, buy some books and drive back to Ramsgate. the pressure on time to get the decorating finished before family and friends start arriving, meant no time to do Margate properly.

Until very recently Margate had 3 secondhand bookshops, Tiverton Books and Hooked on books have both closed and the area devoted to books in The Old Bank Bookshop has been reduced to make way for selling pictures. That said I find it worth visiting about every six weeks, we managed to spend £130 in there today which puts it in the above average bracket.

It's run by Pilgrims Hospices, staffed by volunteers, has a friendly laid back atmosphere and is worth a visit.

The staff said the had been pretty quiet recently, I don't know whether that;s a reflection on off season Margate, parking outside, only one space available at £2.30 per hour would suggest some winte activity in Margate.

We drove there around the coast so some phone photos

Back to work in our bookshop here in Ramsgate tomorrow where I am still adding to the amount of book shelving

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