Saturday, 21 March 2020

Just a few old Thanet photos and a few thoughts

I have to say it is a great relief not to have had to deal with 100 comments on various FaceBook groups about identifying photos so I am giving the mystery photos a rest for a bit.

I can't see there would be any way that we could trade without putting ourselves and our customers at risk, the European news is very bad at the moment, particularly France and Italy, I spent the day laying a stair carpet on 180° spiral star turn in the flat above the bookshop. 

I am mystified as to why there are non essential shops staying open, in view of the fact that the virus stays on plastic surfaces for about 48 hours, so presumably on book covers for that long I can't understand why any of the bookshops are open. 

I am drawing people's attention to the Gutenberg Project that offers a huge amount of free books in various file formats. Although I would be cautious of classics in translation, where a lot of the translations are old and not very good.

 This one presumably a pre 1900 photo say "Chalk carving at Newgate Gap" on it

I think this is Margate fire Brigade

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