Monday, 9 March 2020

Mystery Photos, The Art Of Bookselling, Yesterday's Answers

 Q 1 This was a purpose built building for a Thanet business, where is it, what was the name of the business and roughly when was it built?

Q 2 Which Thanet worthy lived in this house? you can add the name of the house date it was built, it was built for the Thanet worthy who lived in it, architect if you like, don't be shy at avin a go.

 Q 3 Roughly what date was this taken? The clue is the Clue

 Q 4 Where in Thanet

 Q5 Where in Thanet

Q 6 Where in Thanet

Another normal March day here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate where I work, I keep expecting some sort of business slowdown but sales were considerably better than the second Monday in March 2019

 I have been plugging away at the new bookcases in our art book section, nearly finished now.
Header boards and labelling mostly today.

link to the photos of the books we put out today

Just realised I have been slacking on the Broadstairs front
So a page from the 1948 Broadstairs Guide which we usually have in stock.

The answers to yesterday's questions
 Bounty was moored in Ramsgate Harbour for five years this is her leaving leaving in March 1951

Granville tower is tall so between about 1870 and 1899
Clock house clock dial black so from around 1842 to 1881
Vulcan, an iron steam paddle tug of 140 tons (142 t), also built at Blackwall and delivered to Ramsgate in 1858
Best I can do is between 1870 and 1881

Coastguard station at Pegwell the dip to the right is where the lower decking to the hotel and pubs are now.

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