Saturday, 8 August 2009

Broadstairs Folk Week Thanet District Council miss web publicity again and a few other thoughts for today.

Folk Week stared yesterday and nothing on the council’s homepage, I am sure the council will have loads of reasons and excuses as to why it isn’t there, my own thoughts are perhaps because it isn’t in Margate.

Here is the link to The Broadstairs Folk Week website it was all a bit quiet when I went over there earlier this morning, I will try and take some pictures over the weekend.
I tried to take a few of the market in Ramsgate yesterday but it was just too busy.

Talking to one of the chaps that clean the seafront and streets in Ramsgate this morning he raised a couple points that interested me. One was that there were several broken bottles in the pavilion area and the other was that several people had lit bar-b-cues under the part of the pavilion that faces the sea and is an open shelter.
Obviously both things are dangerous and need addressing in some way.


Anonymous said...

Broadstairs will be even quieter if TDC gets its way and forces the Folk Week committee to relocate to a more rural site. For what reason I've no idea but it would be interesting to know their reasoning.It's hardly be Broadstairs Folk Week then.

Does anyone know if the council gives any funds to support this annual event?

Anonymous said...

It's a spat about the roads: no-one wants to pay for the closures. It isn't much, but I guess the organisers are protecting their salaries (who can blame them), the pubs are protecting their interests (who can blame them) and since TDC aren't directly involved, they're protecting their budgets (despite the cost to sort it out being 5% of what they spent on the Big Event).

Anonymous said...

Let it and the troublesome Fireworks Night's move they are both an excuse for drunken and loutish behaviour.

Anonymous said...

i hope folk does go elsewhere, i hate it, the music is shit and the town get gridlocked.

have it somewhere else where the roads can cope and there is better parking.