Saturday, 20 October 2018

1874 Ramsgate and Margate guides, Canterbury thoughts photos, same old really

Starting with what may be unashamed advertising for our new 1874 Margate and Ramsgate guide books 

 and illustrating this post with some of the pictures from them.
 I have tried copying them, but I don't have the skill or patience of the Ramsgate and Margate teenagers who work in the bookshop and produce the reprints of these old guides.
 Here are the links to the buy it now buttons

Margate  Ramsgate
 The Ramsgate one is much thicker than the Margate one which I think includes Broadstairs
 Honestly your best bet with these is coming into the bookshop and having a bit of a browse of them.
 Whether the original guide ever got published at the time I don't know. I have had a bit of a scour of local collections and can't find a copy.
 My feelings is that having sold the advertising and produced the mockup, which may be what I have got, they did a runner.
 perhaps there were copyright issues with the pictures.
 or perhaps there are plenty of other copies about that have gone into hiding.

 Anyway should you have a copy please send me a picture of the title page as mine doesn't have one. Is that a fairy on top of the lighthouse?

 Particularly notice this picture which seem to have been drawn by someone who either hadn't visited Ramsgate or had overdone the substance abuse.

 On to Canterbury, I did this by bus as it's an easy option, number 9 from Ramsgate Harbour gets you to the bus station in Canterbury town centre in about 45 mins.
On arrival, I got out behind the cathedral and walked through the cathedral grounds, which I prefer to the bus station, but you do need a cathedral pass to do this. There is this new animal roaming the grounds, and while I was there a small child's keeper asked the small child. "Do you know what that is?" The small child replied. "A unicorn." Hopefully it will eat the trees that get in the way when I try to paint pictures of the cathedral.

When I was a lad there was a lovely view of the cathedral from the High Street [wosisname] now there are all these historic buildings in the way. Only the other day I heard someone say. "First the medieval houses come from the dark ages and then you get unicorns."

Ah yes, I should also like to have a bit of a moan about the flags
I have been waiting for ages for them to put the flags back on the lightening conductors so that I can finish off this painting, I took it with me today just in case.

I sat in the same seat in Chocolate Cafe today and added a bit to this one instead. But can you spot the difference?

Today's photos Canon S3 IS no attachments, somehow the ones I took waiting for the bus in Ramsgate this morning have got both at the top and the bottom of the page of pictures.

link to photos 

Once again the number of shops closing in Canterbury is worrying.

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